Condensing your life into 2 bags is not easy!

!أهلا وسهلا

We’ve been told to write a blog about our year abroad…and when you can’t sleep because everything is all SO EXCITING!! you might as well.

I must admit that preparing for your year abroad is quite stressful even for the most level-headed of people. I tried to start packing three days ahead of my journey (as I wanted to spend my last few days in London seeing as many relatives and friends as possible and having a send-off shindig at The Cuban Camden…great place!) but I was still chucking things in and out of my luggage up until the car was parked at Heathrow terminal 4.


Packing tips: Although Amman is a cosmopolitan capital city, it is still very important to keep in mind that Jordan is a mostly conservative Islamic country and Ammanis do not dress as we do in England (i.e. whipping out the shorts as soon as it hits 23˚) and most other western countries. Despite the searing heat, girls you really should stay away from shorts and any top that shows any cleavage! It attracts unwelcome attention, on top of that that you receive just by being a foreigner. In places such as Jabal Amman, around Rainbow Street, you may see girls wearing skinny jeans and vest tops but this is quite a rarity anywhere else in the city. I would recommend bringing maxi skirts/dresses, jeans, loose fitting, light trousers, cotton tops/shirts with sleeves and all sorts of scarves. Winters here are very very cold so don’t forget to bring a coat and plenty of jumpers.


It’s not easy condensing your life into 2 bags

We’re back at it again! #Poland

Hey guys! Guess who’s back?!
We apologise for not updating sooner but beginning university has made it a busy year for the both of us. However we can promise, that from now on we will be highly active on this blog as we (more Kasia- as she’s moving to the other side of the world) have an exciting upcoming year ahead us.

As summer has once yet arrived, we took the opportunity to fly to the beautiful land of Polska aka Poland.

Within the limited amount of time that we had, we managed to visit two cities; Warsaw and Kraków. Thanks to Kasia’s lovely family we had the chance to explore the depths of the Polish history by visiting many museums, castles, architectures, mines and even churches. Not to forget the delicious Polish food I had both in restaurants and at Kasia’s grandma’s house, so if you are reading Babcia, THANK YOU!

Just to make things a little more interesting for when you guys make your visit to Poland, in our next post we thought we would suggest a count down of the top places/things to do out of what we managed to do in Poland. So go check it out!


It’s a Wrap! Thank you!

Hey guys!

Before wrapping up our amazing experience in Sri Lanka, we thought we’d take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped and supported us throughout this wonderful 2014 project/experience.
Personally, we would like to thank our awesome friends who helped us with our cake sale back in November, our school St Michael’s for providing us with many boxes of books for the school, family friends that gave us more books, the teachers and students at the school in Sri Lanka who gave us this opportunity and of course our very supportive families! 🙂
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It is very hard to summarise our experience in words, so we have put together a video on Youtube with some clips that we took. Apologies in advance about the quality of the video- its our first one. It will get better, I promise! 😀

-K & D

Keeping up with the culture

Hi guys!
This post should have been made much earlier so sorry for the delay!

During our stay in Sri Lanka we had many opportunities to wear traditional Sri Lankan outfits. For most of our time spent at school, Kasia and I wore Shalwars/Punjabi whilst teaching. Even though in that heat it may have seemed like an inappropriate choice of clothing, it was surprisingly comfortable, light and airy, so we decided to dress like this for school on a daily basis.

The day that grabbed many people’s attention was on the Prize Giving Day held for students at the school at which we volunteered. In order to try and blend in with the people attending the programme, both Kasia and I decided to wear  half-sarees (basically a saree). To be perfectly honest I think Kasia was absolutely enjoying herself, as she claimed we were ‘playing dress up’-also she really couldn’t say no to pink!.

– D


Girls Children’s Home

As we grow up there are many things that we ask for as a child, from small teddy bears to the latest Ipods, but what these girls want is different.

During our stay in Sri Lanka, we had the opportunity to visit a local girls children’s home in Mullaitivu. As we arrived at the home, we learned that there were 115 girls aged between 3 and 18 who lived there; most of them were kids who had unfortunately been affected by the war. The girls were very welcoming and within the first 10 minutes of meeting them we were asked to join them in their game in the playground. The girls were so excited to see us that we ended up being surrounded by over 60 girls. The importance and success of sports in this home was evident. A very talented 17 year old girl had qualified for the National Championships for long jump. Similarly, the boxing team had qualified for national competitions, which they were preparing for during our visit.


The day came to an end with us gathering together in a circle where the very talented girls recited poems and songs. The girls used this opportunity to sing heartfelt songs to their loved ones who were no longer with them; it was truly moving and we were brought to tears.

To lighten the mood, a gorgeous and talented 3 year old happily performed a song to which she also danced.

We asked the older girls about their ambitions and hopes for the future. Many of them wanted to be doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers. Their optimism and determination is admirable, especially in comparison to the situation back home, where youngsters are all too quick to give up their studies.
It was an unforgettable experience. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend valuable time with these lovely girls who have gone through so much yet keep on smiling!

-K & D

Life in the Countryside

Hi guys!

On Wednesday, after an 8 hour journey, Kasia and I arrived in one of the villages in the North-east of Sri Lanka. During our 2 week volunteering time at a school we decided to stay at my Grandparents house. Unlike most of the places we have visited so far this village is much more leafy, spacious and warmer. Large pieces of land in this small village means that many of the residents grow their own food crops- whether it is vegetables to cook or just delicious organic fruits. This only issue is that the creepy crawlies in this area become unbearable during the night.

Meet my Grandparents cute little dog, Siddhu.

He looks kinda angry in this photo.

He looks kinda scary in this photo though.